Race to the Roof
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Past results
19 Oct 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
6069Rachel NicoleNot startedUnder 40Female
6193Toni SweeneyNot startedOver 40Female
6202James MckayNot startedOver 40Male
6215Rebecca WallaceNot startedOver 50Female
6217Amanda DinesNot startedOver 50Female
6218Yoly IbascoNot startedOver 40Female
6223Shireen LazaroNot startedOver 50Female
6225Jay LeckieNot startedUnder 40Female
6228Tammy TaylorNot startedOver 40Female
6235Craig WarmanNot startedOver 50Male
6259Galvin YoungNot startedUnder 40Male
6260Paul QuidayNot startedOver 40Male
6261Paula RidgeNot startedUnder 40Female
6262Kathleen CollinsNot startedOver 50Female
6265Bianca MccarthyNot startedUnder 40Female
6266Leanne BurrowsNot startedOver 50Female
6268Sam McgirlNot startedOver 50Female
6275Emilie AmissNot startedUnder 40Female
6278Sharon ForbesNot startedOver 50Female
6279Vinit SawhneyNot startedOver 40Male
6280Ben LoobyNot startedOver 40Male
6281Patricia ReidNot startedOver 50Female
6297Kim KellyNot startedOver 40Female
6483Merrilyn BanksNot startedUnder 40Female
6705Joel FerosNot startedUnder 40Male
6706Kelvin Van Der WesthnizenNot startedOver 40Male
6707Daynan BrazilNot startedOver 40Male
6708Daniel WilckensNot startedUnder 40Male
6709Nicola FoleyNot startedUnder 40Female
6710Ron DuttNot startedUnder 40Male
6711Jerom KirbyNot startedOver 40Male
6712Jason McburneyNot startedOver 40Male
6713Arlene WagnerNot startedUnder 40Female
6714Sandra BalfourNot startedOver 60Female
6715Lisa DixonNot startedUnder 40Female
6716Kris MullerNot startedUnder 40Female
6717Lou EndicottNot startedUnder 40Female
6718Sean O CinneideNot startedOver 40Male
6719Thomas StojcevskiNot startedUnder 40Male
6720Megan CarrollNot startedUnder 40Female
6721Sonny TranNot startedOver 40Male
6722Richard CampbellNot startedOver 50Male
6723Cheryl BlaberNot startedOver 50Female
6724Joanna MollisonNot startedOver 40Female
6725Crystal BrouwersNot startedUnder 40Female
6726Steven WalkerNot startedOver 40Male
6727Yuta AraiNot startedOver 40Male
6728Jacob BurnsNot startedUnder 40Male
6729Alyssa De BoerNot startedUnder 40Female
6730Stephanie RodwellNot startedUnder 40Female
Page 1 of 5 (244 items)