Race to the Roof
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Past results
13 Oct 2017
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Gen Pos
1546001Maria Cristine Chirinco 00:03:47Over 4022Female89
876024Gomathi Rajarethanam 00:02:33Over 403Female30
2006027Janine Deevy 00:05:51Over 4032Female127
2056028Kelli Malone 00:05:55Over 4034Female132
2106029James McKay 00:08:47Over 4018Male74
1976030Jason McAurmey 00:05:47Over 4017Male72
946031Sandra Mair 00:02:37Over 404Female35
1646032Leo Francis 00:04:04Over 4015Male68
6040Felic Cremona-Meteyard Not startedOver 40Male
606042Vicki Mackintosh 00:02:13Over 402Female13
1396043Sarah Denning 00:03:31Over 4016Female75
1466045Karen Castle 00:03:35Over 4019Female81
206177DANIEL GULLO 00:01:49Over 403Male19
786049Michael Watter 00:02:26Over 4011Male53
1446052Jodi Hallas 00:03:34Over 4017Female79
1456053Kylie Maree Hosking 00:03:34Over 4018Female80
1796059Sonia Woutersz 00:04:50Over 4029Female111
1786060Mariko Howell 00:04:50Over 4028Female110
586062Sam Brown 00:02:12Over 408Male47
1236063Vanessa Way 00:03:16Over 4012Female59
1366066KAREN BENJAMIN 00:03:29Over 4015Female72
1336069MELANIE GARNER 00:03:25Over 4013Female69
6076Daniel Buckley Not startedOver 40Male
1626079Suzanne Gill 00:04:00Over 4024Female96
1186104Trish Glasby 00:03:08Over 4010Female54
816105David Irwin 00:02:31Over 4012Male55
46109Peter Frederiksen 00:01:24Over 401Male4
2066111TRACY BOBBERMIEN 00:06:33Over 4035Female133
426113Kristian Howard Smith 00:02:01Over 405Male37
1166116Samantha Jenner 00:03:00Over 409Female52
1206119Kirsty Taylor 00:03:14Over 4011Female56
646122David Edwards 00:02:15Over 409Male49
1126125RIKKI WAEREA 00:02:57Over 408Female49
1006126Andrew Grima 00:02:47Over 4013Male61
466131Paddy Jackson 00:02:03Over 406Male40
696137Graeme McKenzie 00:02:19Over 4010Male50
1726141Michelle Bridge 00:04:34Over 4026Female104
1746142Anita Womersley 00:04:36Over 4027Female106
6189Lars Feldmann Not startedOver 40Male
6192Glenn Torepe Not startedOver 40Male
1956195Barbara Worth 00:05:45Over 4031Female125
1046206Vanessa Walker 00:02:51Over 407Female43
1676207Sharon Bauer 00:04:09Over 4025Female99
1816210Tracy McIntyre 00:04:54Over 4030Female112
1806212Scott James 00:04:54Over 4016Male69
6214Rob Newell Not startedOver 40Male
96227Krispin Hajkowicz 00:01:37Over 402Male9
6229Stuart Douglas Not startedOver 40Male
336231Stuary Kelly 00:01:56Over 404Male28
6235Karen Langford Not startedOver 40Female
Page 1 of 6 (260 items)