Race to the Roof
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Past results
13 Oct 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos *
Gen Pos
46109Peter Frederiksen 00:01:24Over 401Male4
446023Leanne Burrows 00:02:02Over 501Female6
76146Greg Bryson 00:01:36Over 501Male7
556046Andrew Jagels 00:02:10Over 601Male45
716187Dominirue Hopkins 00:02:20Over 601Female21
16236Berhanu Boyamo 00:01:19U401Male1
186272Suzette Griffioen 00:01:49U401Female1
476186Christine Brown 00:02:04Over 401Female7
216300Abigail Marsh 00:01:50U402Female2
1016026Stephen Donaldson 00:02:48Over 602Female40
766258Naono Ngenda 00:02:24Over 502Female25
26047Milford McArthur 00:01:22U402Male2
146088Richard Campbell 00:01:45Over 502Male14
96227Krispin Hajkowicz 00:01:37Over 402Male9
606042Vicki Mackintosh 00:02:13Over 402Female13
876024Gomathi Rajarethanam 00:02:33Over 403Female30
206177DANIEL GULLO 00:01:49Over 403Male19
356073Craig Warman 00:01:58Over 503Male30
826241Yvonne Riggall 00:02:31Over 503Female27
1276247Cheryl Hutchins 00:03:19Over 603Female63
276253Steph Jessup 00:01:52U403Female3
36107Joel Feros 00:01:23U403Male3
56233Antony Ji 00:01:31U404Male5
1406250CAROLYN TOON 00:03:32Over 604Female76
986155Carole Baker 00:02:43Over 504Female38
286015Kat Gibson 00:01:53U404Female4
406095Darryl Lee 00:02:01Over 504Male35
336231Stuary Kelly 00:01:56Over 404Male28
946031Sandra Mair 00:02:37Over 404Female35
426113Kristian Howard Smith 00:02:01Over 405Male37
1356101Kim Tauroa 00:03:27Over 505Female71
496139Mark Reardon 00:02:06Over 505Male42
1826138Kate Copeland 00:04:55Over 605Female113
306096Prue Butler 00:01:55U405Female5
66129Oliver Shann 00:01:33U405Male6
996299Rhonda Neal 00:02:44Over 405Female39
86143Simon Holz 00:01:37U406Male8
506097Devani Clarke 00:02:07U406Female8
1386204Tegwen Howell 00:03:31Over 506Female74
636036Bill Loveday 00:02:14Over 506Male48
1036248Tammy Taylor 00:02:50Over 406Female42
466131Paddy Jackson 00:02:03Over 406Male40
1046206Vanessa Walker 00:02:51Over 407Female43
486286David Bunzli 00:02:06Over 407Male41
836191Errol Walker 00:02:31Over 507Male56
516239Natasha May 00:02:08U407Female9
106246Matthew Stewart 00:01:39U407Male10
1476075Kristine Thompson 00:03:38Over 507Female82
546295Gemma Woodruff 00:02:10U408Female10
116108Benjamin Stephen Gee 00:01:40U408Male11
Page 1 of 6 (260 items)