Sandgate Sunset Run
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Race History
8 Oct 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap *
Average Lap
Dist Done
1163TOO FAST, TOO FURIOUS Male Team116500:00:3700:00:4700:00:43 41.250
2159SPC X-MEN Male Team216500:00:3400:00:5100:00:43 41.250
6175WE THOUGHT HE SAID RUM Male Team514600:00:3600:00:5600:00:49 36.500
5147DAWN PATROL ZULU Male Team414800:00:3300:00:5700:00:48 37.000
1732 HOURS WITHOUT THE KIDS Female Team213200:00:4800:00:5800:00:54 33.000
10131DAWN PATROL ECHO Male Team614000:00:4000:00:5800:00:51 35.000
8315THUNDERBUMS Mixed Team314300:00:3900:00:5800:00:50 35.750
9283SRG SUPER STARS Mixed Team414200:00:3600:00:5900:00:50 35.500
11143DAWN PATROL INDIA Male Team713900:00:3500:01:0000:00:51 34.750
12119DAWN PATROL BRAVO Male Team813600:00:3100:01:0000:00:52 34.000
151873 MEN AND A LADY BY C2R Mixed Team613300:00:4600:01:0100:00:54 33.250
14263LA ROTUNDA Mixed Team513500:00:4100:01:0100:00:53 33.750
23227DISCOVERY FITNESSS Mixed Team1112900:00:4800:01:0100:00:55 32.250
21243FORCED FAMILY BONDING Mixed Team1013000:00:4900:01:0100:00:55 32.500
20151FOLLOW AT A SAFE DISTANCE Male Team913000:00:3700:01:0300:00:55 32.500
22123DAWN PATROL CHARLIE Male Team1012900:00:4200:01:0300:00:55 32.250
3474 SHADES OF BRUNETTE Female Team412100:00:5000:01:0500:00:59 30.250
18255HON SPEEDIES A Mixed Team813100:00:4400:01:0500:00:55 32.750
37307THE MECHANICS Mixed Team1611900:00:5100:01:0500:01:00 29.750
19259I THOUGHT THEY SAID A SUNSET RUM Mixed Team913100:00:4600:01:0600:00:55 32.750
16239FLINDERS FLYERS Mixed Team713200:00:3900:01:0600:00:54 33.000
27199C2R LEFTOVERS Mixed Team1312600:00:4400:01:0600:00:57 31.500
7211CHEW CHEW TRAIN Mixed Team214600:00:3800:01:0700:00:49 36.500
36223DAWN PATROL HOTEL Male Team1712000:00:4300:01:0800:00:59 30.000
3915CRAZY RUNNING MUMS Female Team611600:00:5400:01:0800:01:02 29.000
3211CIRQUE DE SORE LEGS Female Team312300:00:4600:01:0900:00:58 30.750
1395VICTORIOUS SECRETS Female Team113600:00:4500:01:0900:00:53 34.000
24167TREASURERS Male Team1112900:00:4800:01:0900:00:55 32.250
41247GRACE LUTHERAN COLLEGE (STUDENTS) Mixed Team1711500:00:4400:01:1000:01:02 28.750
3827DIVA'S OF THE ROUND-ABOUT Female Team511800:00:5100:01:1000:01:01 29.500
29155FOURMUSTHAVEBEERS Male Team1412500:00:4400:01:1200:00:57 31.250
4219COACH2RUN RABBITS Mixed Team115200:00:3700:01:1300:00:47 38.000
4219180S TRAGICS Mixed Team1811500:00:5000:01:1500:01:02 28.750
4999WILL RUN FOR WINE Female Team1011200:00:5000:01:1500:01:03 28.000
4763MUMS THAT RUN Female Team911300:00:4700:01:1600:01:04 28.250
5871RUNNING FOR WINE Female Team1310600:00:5500:01:1800:01:07 26.500
51135DAWN PATROL FOXTROT Male Team1911100:00:4600:01:1900:01:04 27.750
6243GRTT PINK LADIES Female Team1610300:00:5700:01:1900:01:10 25.750
50215CIRQUE DU SORE LEGS Mixed Team2211200:00:4300:01:1900:01:04 28.000
35203Chafing the dream Mixed Team1512100:00:4400:01:1900:00:59 30.250
31171UNKNOWN Male Team1612300:00:4300:01:2000:00:58 30.750
43127DAWN PATROL DELTA Male Team1811400:00:4900:01:2000:01:03 28.500
4559MUM'S ON THE RUN Female Team811400:00:5100:01:2100:01:03 28.500
5783SF GIRLS Female Team1210800:00:4900:01:2300:01:06 27.000
60107BLOOD , SWEAT AND BEERS Male Team2010500:00:4200:01:2500:01:08 26.250
4051MADAMES OF MAYHEM Female Team711600:00:4800:01:2500:01:02 29.000
44323TUMBLEWEEDS Mixed Team1911400:00:4600:01:2600:01:03 28.500
6867PENINSULA PRINCESSES Female Team189700:00:5400:01:2700:01:13 24.250
6191THE WONDER WOMEN Female Team1510500:00:5100:01:2800:01:08 26.250
56267Round the Benz Mixed Team2610800:00:4900:01:2800:01:06 27.000
Page 1 of 2 (84 items)