Sandgate Sunset Run
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Race History
10 Oct 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1381"TOO FAST, TOO FURIOUS" Male Team116100:00:3400:04:5800:00:46 40.250
2277SOUTHSIDE STARS Male Team215400:00:4000:00:5100:00:46 38.500
311979 Mixed Team115200:00:4000:00:5600:00:47 38.000
4245SANDGATE SEAMEN Male Team314800:00:3700:01:2300:00:49 37.000
5257SHORNCLIFFE SHUFFLERS Y TEAM Mixed Team214700:00:3800:00:5500:00:49 36.750
6313"THE FASTEST EGGS IN SANDGATE, MATE!" Mixed Team314400:00:3800:00:5500:00:50 36.000
7297TEAM FAIR Male Team414400:00:3300:01:0400:00:50 36.000
8361THUNDERBUMS Mixed Team414100:00:4100:01:0000:00:51 35.250
9225R.M.AVENGERS Female Team114100:00:4100:01:0800:00:51 35.250
10345THE RUNDIES Mixed Team514000:00:4000:00:5800:00:51 35.000
1173DAWN PATROL ECHO Mixed Team613600:00:4500:01:1700:00:53 34.000
12289SPRINGFIELD RUNNERS GROUP A Mixed Team713400:00:4100:01:0600:00:53 33.500
13213NO NAMES Male Team513400:00:4100:08:2600:00:57 33.500
14109FANTASTIC CF 4017 Male Team613300:00:4500:09:3200:00:58 33.250
15197LIGHTENING MULLETS Male Team713000:00:3700:01:1200:00:55 32.500
1665DAWN PATROL BRAVO Male Team812900:00:3900:01:1300:00:55 33.250
1781DAWN PATROL GOLF Male Team912800:00:3200:01:1800:00:56 32.000
18265SHUFFLERS XYZ Male Team1012800:00:3800:01:0600:00:56 32.000
1961DAWN PATROL ALPHA Male Team1112800:00:3300:01:1600:00:55 33.500
20241SAFE & SURE SPRINTERS Male Team1212700:00:4200:01:1900:00:56 31.750
2192HRS WITHOUT THE KIDS Female Team212600:00:4700:01:0100:00:56 31.500
2213ATTITUDE Mixed Team812500:00:4700:01:0800:00:57 31.250
23185LA ROTUNDA Mixed Team912300:00:4400:01:1100:00:58 30.750
24261SHUFFLERS X Female Team312300:00:5100:01:0500:00:58 30.750
2529BETWEEN A WALK AND A HARD PACE Mixed Team1012300:00:4300:01:0900:00:58 30.750
26217NORTHSIDE BOXING Male Team1312300:00:4800:02:2300:00:59 30.750
27189LEAN MACHINE Mixed Team1112100:00:4000:01:4000:00:59 30.250
2877DAWN PATROL FOXTROT Male Team1412000:00:4600:01:1500:00:59 30.000
29125GIRLS RUN THIS TOWN FLURO FOURSOME Female Team412000:00:5200:01:2800:01:00 30.000
3057DAPPER DASHERS Male Team1511900:00:4900:01:0900:01:00 29.750
31181JUST KEEP SWIMMING Mixed Team1211900:00:5000:01:2300:01:00 29.750
3269DAWN PATROL DELTA FORCE Male Team1611800:00:3800:01:2400:00:59 31.000
33221R.I.O.T - RUNNING IS OUR THERAPY Female Team511800:00:5100:01:3500:01:01 29.500
34177JUST BECAUSE Mixed Team1311700:00:4600:01:1400:01:01 29.250
35273SLOWMOTION Mixed Team1411700:00:5200:01:1100:01:01 29.250
36237RUNNING REBELS Female Team611700:00:4900:01:1200:01:01 29.250
37349THE SPITFIRES Mixed Team1511700:00:5300:01:1700:01:01 29.250
3849COACH2RUN Mixed Team1611700:00:4400:01:4500:01:01 29.250
39281SPARKLY CROSSFIT GIRLS Female Team711600:00:5100:01:1200:01:02 29.000
40329THE NIGHTSHIFT Female Team811500:00:5200:01:1300:01:02 28.750
41205NEED FOR SPEED Mixed Team1711500:00:4800:01:2200:01:02 28.750
42293SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS Mixed Team1811300:00:5000:01:2000:01:03 28.250
4333BRIGHT PINK Female Team911300:00:5100:01:3000:01:04 28.250
445#LOVEPARKRUN Mixed Team1911300:00:4500:09:4000:01:08 28.250
45173JARED CASSIDY & THE SUNSET KIDS Mixed Team2011100:00:4800:01:2700:01:05 27.750
46357THE TREASURERS Mixed Team2111100:00:5200:01:3200:01:05 27.750
47317THE FRUITY FOUR Female Team1011000:00:5000:01:2700:01:05 27.500
48341THE PETRIE TERRACE CREW Mixed Team2211000:00:5100:01:3000:01:05 27.500
4993EAT PRAY RUN 1 Mixed Team2310900:00:4700:01:1800:01:06 27.250
50353THE SUNRISE RUNNERS Mixed Team2410800:00:5100:01:2700:01:06 27.000
Page 1 of 2 (99 items)