Lions Moreton Bay 100
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9 Aug 2015
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1481DANIEL SCHILK05:15:53All Ages1Male130.6 km/h
2598JUSTIN CARNEY05:15:54All Ages2Male230.6 km/h
3574MATTHEW CLARK05:15:58All Ages3Male330.6 km/h
4632GARY REDDACLIFF05:26:33All Ages4Male429.6 km/h
5402DALE LAWSON05:53:11All Ages5Male527.4 km/h
6413RIK TAYLOR05:54:21All Ages6Male627.3 km/h
7356SCOTT CHARLTON06:06:25All Ages7Male726.4 km/h
8564ANDRE DE JONG06:07:40All Ages8Male826.3 km/h
9513SHANE COETSER06:07:40All Ages9Male926.3 km/h
10621SHANE BLACKADDER06:18:37All Ages10Male1025.5 km/h
11397JOHN PEARSON06:22:12All Ages11Male1125.3 km/h
12494ANDREW CUNNINGHAM06:22:13All Ages12Male1225.3 km/h
13416OLIVER WALTON06:22:14All Ages13Male1325.3 km/h
14486GRANT MISKIMMIN06:22:15All Ages14Male1425.3 km/h
15411PAUL CHIPPINDALL06:22:17All Ages15Male1525.3 km/h
16423BRENDAN DILLON06:28:42All Ages16Male1624.9 km/h
17430DAVID O'FARRELL06:28:43All Ages17Male1724.9 km/h
18394KEIRAN HARMEY06:28:43All Ages18Male1824.9 km/h
19505MATTHEW KEIGHLEY06:29:43All Ages19Male1924.8 km/h
20455CHRIS MARTY06:39:24All Ages20Male2024.2 km/h
21549PAUL KOBEZ06:39:24All Ages21Male2124.2 km/h
22448BEN HERNANDEZ06:50:00All Ages22Male2223.6 km/h
23414ROD HIGGINS06:54:13All Ages23Male2323.3 km/h
24541BRYAN MOSS07:05:29All Ages24Male2422.7 km/h
25533LASITHA DE MEL07:12:09All Ages25Male2522.4 km/h
26535NIMESH NARANPANAWE07:12:10All Ages26Male2622.4 km/h
27412PETER FITZSIMON07:19:20All Ages27Male2722.0 km/h
28344MICHAEL BROWN07:35:17All Ages28Male2821.2 km/h
29445LISA MCKEOWN07:37:53All Ages1Female121.1 km/h
30341DAN HALTER07:39:16All Ages29Male2921.0 km/h
31342BEN TURNER07:40:18All Ages30Male3021.0 km/h
32367MALCOLM JAMES07:43:36All Ages31Male3120.8 km/h
33540GLENN RICE07:43:39All Ages32Male3220.8 km/h
34385BEN LAWS07:43:40All Ages33Male3320.8 km/h
35482SCOTT CAMPBELL07:43:42All Ages34Male3420.8 km/h
36345PAUL BRENNAN08:00:19All Ages35Male3520.1 km/h
37552STEVEN GILMORE08:00:53All Ages36Male3620.1 km/h
38343MICHAEL HARTWIG08:36:56All Ages37Male3718.7 km/h
378SCOTT CRAWLEYNot startedAll AgesMale km/h
405JEFF RICKMANNot startedAll AgesMale km/h
420GUSTAVO METZNot startedAll AgesMale km/h
514ROBERT BELL-BOOTHNot startedAll AgesMale km/h
519BRONSON GRAYSONNot startedAll AgesMale km/h
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