Sandgate Sunset Run
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Race History
14 Oct 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
167TEAM Da LadsMale Team14400:00:3500:01:0500:00:53 11.000
2109TEAM Mighty GirlsFemale Team14300:00:4200:01:0700:00:55 10.750
371TEAM Gentlemen CruisersMale Team24100:00:4600:01:0800:00:57 10.250
487TEAM Deja vuFemale Team24100:00:4500:01:1600:00:58 10.250
543TEAM Hummingbird FlyersMixed Team13900:00:3800:01:1700:01:00 9.750
6124TEAM Triple J KFemale Team33900:00:4900:01:1000:01:01 9.750
75TEAM 4 NationsMixed Team23800:00:5500:01:0800:01:02 9.500
839TEAM Guns N RozieMixed Team33800:00:5000:01:1700:01:02 9.500
9472TEAM Gday SushiFemale Team43800:00:5400:01:2100:01:02 9.500
10102TEAM FIRST TIMERSFemale Team53700:00:4200:01:1400:01:03 9.250
11106TEAM FunrunnersFemale Team63700:00:5400:01:2400:01:04 9.250
1257TEAM SCHNITZ AND GIGGLESMixed Team43600:00:5000:01:2900:01:06 9.000
1353TEAM Ray White RedcliffeMixed Team53500:00:3800:01:2800:01:07 8.750
1417TEAM Chew Chew SliceMixed Team63500:00:5000:01:2400:01:07 8.750
1575TEAM AimfitFemale Team73500:00:5100:01:2100:01:08 8.750
16120TEAM Street ScienceFemale Team83400:00:4800:01:3000:01:09 8.500
1749TEAM Lost & RunningMixed Team73300:00:4900:01:2800:01:11 8.250
1891TEAM Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Cant Run GoodFemale Team93300:01:0100:01:2300:01:12 8.250
1983TEAM Chugger Chugger chew chew trainFemale Team103200:01:0000:01:2200:01:13 8.000
2079TEAM All HeartFemale Team113200:00:5700:01:3000:01:13 8.000
2164TEAM The mixed bagMixed Team83100:00:5500:01:3800:01:15 7.750
2213TEAM BOQ Strathpine NO 1Mixed Team93100:00:5700:02:1000:01:15 7.750
2318TEAM Chew Chew Train ChatterboxsMixed Team103100:00:5400:01:3600:01:16 7.750
2435TEAM Got the runsMixed Team113000:01:1000:01:2900:01:18 7.500
2560TEAM Sunset ShenanegansMixed Team122800:01:0600:01:5100:01:23 7.000
2695TEAM Doin' it for DonutsFemale Team122800:00:5400:02:1400:01:24 7.000
27113TEAM Share the Dignity ONEFemale Team132700:01:0000:02:3800:01:25 6.750
2827TEAM Emily Made Team 3Mixed Team132700:01:0100:02:1100:01:26 6.750
299TEAM BOQ Strathpine No 2Mixed Team142700:00:5400:02:2200:01:27 6.750
3023TEAM CrossFit 4017Mixed Team152600:00:5400:02:0600:01:31 6.500
311TEAM Emily Mae Team 1Mixed Team162500:00:5100:02:4700:01:34 6.250
3231TEAM Emily Mae Team 2Mixed Team172500:00:5700:02:4600:01:34 6.250
33117TEAM Share the Dignity TWOFemale Team142300:01:0300:02:2900:01:40 5.750
3499TEAM F45 Sandgate TrailblazersFemale Team152200:01:0800:02:3100:01:47 5.500
22TEAM Circular FoursMixed Team0    0.000
47TEAM Jetts B.RidgeMixed Team0    0.000
Page 1 of 1 (36 items)