Sandgate Sunset Run
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Race History
14 Oct 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1431TEAM St Pat's XMen GreenMale Team11800:00:3400:00:4700:00:42 4.500
2427TEAM St Pat's XMen GoldMale Team21800:00:3600:00:5000:00:43 4.500
3424TEAM St Pat's XMen BlueMale Team31700:00:3800:00:4900:00:44 4.250
4390TEAM Homer's HerosMixed Team11700:00:3900:00:5000:00:45 4.250
5435TEAM St Pat's XMen WhiteMale Team41600:00:4000:00:5000:00:46 4.000
6441TEAM The Fast and the furiousMale Team51600:00:3800:00:5700:00:48 4.000
7406TEAM The RangasMixed Team21600:00:3900:00:5800:00:48 4.000
8389TEAM CrossFit 4017 TeensMixed Team31500:00:4100:01:0300:00:48 3.750
9410TEAM $peed demon$Male Team61500:00:4300:00:5600:00:49 3.750
10439TEAM The Barry AllensMale Team71500:00:3500:01:0500:00:50 3.750
11418TEAM RohdooneysMale Team81500:00:4200:00:5700:00:50 3.750
12394TEAM NERDS (Need Energy, Refill Donut Station)Mixed Team41500:00:4600:00:5400:00:50 3.750
13420TEAM SNAZY RunnersMale Team91500:00:4200:00:5500:00:50 3.750
14460TEAM Pink CheetahsFemale Team11500:00:4400:00:5800:00:52 3.750
15751TEAM BrightonFemale Team21400:00:4400:01:0100:00:52 3.500
16414TEAM Chew chew train kidsMale Team101400:00:4400:00:5900:00:52 3.500
17476TEAM GladiatorsFemale Team31400:00:4800:01:0000:00:53 3.500
18398TEAM ON THE ROAD AGAINMixed Team51400:00:4400:01:0300:00:54 3.500
19444TEAM The RatpackMale Team111400:00:4500:01:0700:00:54 3.500
20755TEAM HOLY SPRINT FINISHMixed Team61400:00:4400:01:0300:00:55 3.500
21448TEAM CrossFit 4017 - Teens BlueFemale Team41300:00:4600:01:0600:00:56 3.250
22452TEAM Girl PowerFemale Team51300:00:4400:01:0900:00:57 3.250
23467TEAM The Road RunnersFemale Team61300:00:4900:01:0700:00:57 3.250
24747TEAM Funset RunnersFemale Team71300:00:4500:01:1100:00:58 3.250
25456TEAM LIIKFemale Team81300:00:5200:01:0800:01:00 3.250
26402TEAM Rainbow DashersMixed Team71300:00:4900:01:1600:01:00 3.250
27464TEAM The Hogwarts Quidditch TeamFemale Team91200:00:4500:01:1100:01:00 3.000
Page 1 of 1 (27 items)