Mateship Run
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Past results
30 Apr 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1466Taj Murray00:05:0412 and under1Male1
2455Jack Fisher Neilens00:05:0612 and under2Male2
3456Nate Fitzpatrick00:05:3812 and under3Male3
4458Lucas Gray00:05:5112 and under4Male4
5480Isaac Woods00:05:5512 and under5Male5
6452Kanoah Carter00:05:5612 and under6Male6
7454William Coombes00:06:0012 and under7Male7
8470Ziah Peisker00:06:0012 and under8Male8
9479Henry Window00:06:4612 and under9Male9
10457Mason Fraser00:06:5012 and under10Male10
11462Fletcher Andersen00:07:0712 and under11Male11
12476Max Taylor00:07:0812 and under12Male12
13474James Reid00:07:3112 and under13Male13
14482Willow Rowney00:07:3312 and under1Female1
15473Grace Reid00:07:5012 and under2Female2
16475Neil Reid00:08:1612 and under14Male14
17463Tate Greenhalgh00:08:2312 and under15Male15
18464Eloise Murphy00:08:2912 and under3Female3
19461Harper Porter00:08:3012 and under4Female4
20483Abbie O'connell00:08:3712 and under5Female5
21459Mia Mccarthy00:08:4412 and under6Female6
22467Fletcher Nicholls00:08:5312 and under16Male16
23468Holly Oswald00:08:5812 and under7Female7
24460Isabelle Mccarthy00:08:5912 and under8Female8
25465Sofia Murphy00:09:0812 and under9Female9
26477James Taylor00:09:3012 and under17Male17
27481Hazel Rowney00:09:4912 and under10Female10
28453Edward Coombes00:10:0312 and under18Male18
29469Milla Oswald00:10:3112 and under11Female11
30451Hannah Broadhurst00:10:3912 and under12Female12
31484Molly O'connell00:13:2012 and under13Female13
471Indianna ReedNot started12 and underFemale
472Sienna ReedNot started12 and underFemale
478Gabi WhittredNot started12 and underFemale
Page 1 of 1 (34 items)