Sandgate Sunset Run
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Race History
8 Oct 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
1183TEAM RUSH Male Team15100:00:3700:00:5000:00:47 12.750
2552Thonrings Mixed Team14600:00:3800:01:0400:00:52 11.500
3591Hopeless Jokes Male Team24500:00:4200:01:0300:00:54 11.250
4419NUTCRACKERS Mixed Team24500:00:4400:52:2900:02:02 11.250
5564Running Exercise Physiologists Mixed Team34400:00:3700:01:2800:00:54 11.000
6403FOOTY FEVER Mixed Team44400:00:4500:52:1400:02:05 11.000
7560Gomads Male Team34200:00:3800:01:1200:00:56 10.500
8363R.M.Avengers Female Team14200:00:5000:01:3800:00:58 10.500
9435SAND'GAIT'ERS Mixed Team54200:00:4801:07:0800:02:32 10.500
10439THE DC MARVELS Mixed Team64100:00:4400:01:1600:00:59 10.250
11395ATHLETICO DRURY Mixed Team73900:00:5100:01:0900:01:01 9.750
12594Priceline Sisters Female Team23800:00:4400:01:4700:01:02 9.500
13455UPFITNESS CREW Mixed Team83800:00:4500:01:3200:01:03 9.500
14387SUNRISE Female Team33800:00:5400:01:1300:01:04 9.500
15431RUNNING AWAY FROM THE KIDS Mixed Team93800:00:5100:06:0500:01:12 9.500
16451TRYPODS Mixed Team103700:00:5000:01:1800:01:04 9.250
17427RAY WHITE REDCLIFFE Mixed Team113600:00:5200:01:2300:01:06 9.000
18179BANK OF QLD ASPLEY Male Team43600:00:4600:01:1900:01:07 9.000
19543Super Sloths Mixed Team123500:00:5300:01:1900:01:08 8.750
20335AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND WE GO Female Team43500:00:4401:17:2800:03:20 8.750
21379Share the Dignity Team 4 Female Team53400:00:5800:01:4300:01:11 8.500
22347JUST CRUISIN' Female Team63400:01:0000:03:5100:01:17 8.500
23375Share the Dignity Team 3 Female Team73300:00:3600:01:5100:01:12 8.250
24443THE NINJA TURTLES Mixed Team133200:01:0200:02:0400:01:14 8.000
25399CRACKING THE CHAFE Mixed Team143200:00:5500:01:3800:01:15 8.000
26423PERPETUAL MOTION SQUAD Mixed Team153200:01:0200:03:2600:01:20 8.000
27391SUPER MUMS Female Team83100:01:0800:01:2700:01:17 7.750
28411HON SOCIAL A Mixed Team163100:01:0800:02:5700:01:23 7.750
29355MARTS MATES Female Team93000:01:0500:01:2600:01:18 7.500
30383Share the Dignity Team 5 Female Team103000:00:5700:02:1000:01:19 7.500
31407G'DAY SUSHI Mixed Team173000:00:4900:02:0000:01:20 7.500
32447THE WRIGGLES Mixed Team182900:00:4700:03:2100:01:21 7.250
33547Pink Chicks Female Team112900:00:5100:04:4900:01:29 7.250
34351LADY BUBBLES Female Team122800:01:0900:01:4000:01:24 7.000
35339DIZZIER RASCALS Female Team132700:00:4001:09:1400:05:40 6.750
36371Share the Dignity Team 2 Female Team142700:01:0701:46:1400:05:23 6.750
37367Share the Dignity Team 1 Female Team152600:01:0400:02:3200:01:30 6.500
38415Neon Faeries Mixed Team192500:01:0800:01:4900:01:34 6.250
39343DIZZY RASCALS Female Team162400:00:3600:03:3500:01:45 6.000
40359NOT FAST JUST FURIOUS Female Team172200:01:1900:02:2700:01:49 5.500
Page 1 of 1 (40 items)